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Event history

The following is a collection of events that Zac James has participated in.


Company Date Location Event Match Win/Loss/Draw
CDCWSeptember 5Arion, Iowa2nd Annual Chip Douglas Memorial Show(L) vs. Jaysin StrifeSingles
PCWNovember 13Sioux City, IowaPCW 11/13/04(L) Teamed with Christian Moore, Jaysin Strife, Mr. White and Baltazar Vs. J-Crew, Hype Gotti, Mason and Jake Holmes8-Man Tag Team
PCWNovember 27, 2004Sioux City, IowaPCW 11/27/04(L) vs. The Chippendale KidSingles
PCWDecember 11, 2004Sioux City, IowaPCW 12/11/04(L) vs. Dimitri KoloffSingles


Company Date Location Event Match Win/Loss/Draw
PCWFebruary 12Sioux City, IowaPCW 02/13/05(L) Teamed with Strife Vs. Double Jeopardy (Sean Cruz and Paul Daniels)Tag
PCWFebruary 26Sioux City, IowaPCW 02/26/05(L) vs. Casanova vs. Hillbilly Buck vs. Paul Daniels (winner receives Tag Team Title Shot)4-Way Match
PCWMarch 12Sioux City, IowaPCW 03/12/05(L) vs. “The Legacy” Jake HolmesSingles
PCWMarch 26Sioux City, IowaPCW 03/26/05(L) AS Honda Kawasaki and Jaysin Strife AS Hayabusa Vs. Hillbilly Buck and SkeeterTag
PCWApril 16Sioux City, IowaPCW 04/16/05(W) Rather Breathtaking Teamed with Jaysin Strife vs. The Hillbillies (Buck and Skeeter)1ST ROUND OF ONE NIGHT TAG TITLE TOURNAMENT
PCWApril 16Sioux City, IowaPCW 04/16/05(L) Rather Breathtaking Teamed with Jaysin Strife vs. The J-Crew (Jayden Draigo and JT Wilcox)2ND ROUND OF ONE NIGHT TAG TITLE TOURNAMENT
PWPMay 7Council Bluffs, IowaNumero Uno!(W) vs. Chris HaviusSingles
PCWMay 21Sioux City, IowaPCW 05/21/05(W) vs. Hillbilly SkeeterSingles
PCWJune 11Sioux City, IowaPCW 06/11/05(L) vs. Rather Breathtaking Teamed with Jaysin Strife vs. Casanova and The Chippendale KidTag
PCWJuly 16Sioux City, IowaPCW 07/16/05(L) vs. Rather Breathtaking Teamed with Jaysin Strife vs. The J-Crew (Jayden Draigo and JT Wilcox)Tag
SCWJuly 22Donahue, IowaSCW 07/22/05(W) vs. Chris HaviusSingles
PCWJuly 30Sioux City, IowaPCW 07/30/05(L) vs. Paul DanielsSingles
PCWAugust 13Sioux City, IowaPCW 08/13/05(W) vs. Paul DanielsSingles
MWAAugust 20Council Bluffs, IowaMWA 08/20/05(L) vs. Eric FantabulousSingles
PCWAugust 27Sioux City, IowaPCW 08/27/05(W) vs. Jaysin StrifeSingles
PCWSeptember 10Sioux City, IowaPCW 09/10/05(W) Teamed with Chris Havius Vs. Jaysin Strife & SkeeterTag
PWPSeptember 17Council Bluffs, IowaEpisode III(L) vs. Chris HaviusSingles
SCWSeptember 30Davenport, IowaSCW 09/20/05(L) vs. Boris, Booger, Chris Havius, David Chaynr, Keith wholesale and Woody MaGuire.Battle Royal
PWPOctober 15Council Bluffs, IowaA Champion Rises(W) vs. the Daniels Brothers vs. Chris Havius, Buck Albright and Jake Holmes6-Man Tag
PCWOctober 29Sioux City, IowaPCW 10/29/05(L) vs. Jaysin StrifeI Quit Match
PWPNovember 19Council Bluffs, IowaNovember To Be Somewhat Memorable(L) vs. Michael StriderSingles

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