Zac James (February 15, 1987) is an American professional wrestler who works under the ring name of The Passion Zac James. Promotions, Zac has competed in include Pro Wrestling Phoenix (PWP), Magnum Pro Wrestling (MPW), 3XWrestling and Central Empire Wrestling (CEW).


Zac James started wrestling in September 2004 losing in his first match against, his friend and trainer, Strife (currently known as Jaysin Strife). After that match he was recruited to Plymouth Championship Wrestling (PCW) based out of Sioux City, Iowa where he was part of a tag team with his trainer Strife. Through his career in PCW he also tagged with Chris Havius earning many opportunities to capture PCW Tag Team gold but never got the straps.

Starting in the spring of 2005 Zac James started with Pro Wrestling Phoenix (PWP) in their inaugural show named Numero Uno! facing Chris Havius in his first match ever, and winning with signature move "The Revelations" (a twisting senton from the top rope) Zac James would then finally win his first championship belt August 18, 2007 with his then tag team partner Tyler Pride, they continued to hold the belts till February 16, 2008 when Zac turned on his partner which led to a memorable feud between the two which ended in a street fight.

Around the same time as his reign as PWP Tag Team Champion he was earning more strides in other companies including Central Empire Wrestling (CEW) based out of Central Iowa. With his tag team partner "Crow" Kraig Keesaman, they managed to win the CEW Tag Team belts from Donnie Peppercricket & Casanova in Oskaloosa, Iowa on March 8, 2008. After holding the belts for seven month with little defenses, due to schedule conflicts between Kraig and Zac, CEW officials made Zac James defend his titles against Owen Donovan & Underdogg without his current partner.

Zac then has traveled all over the Midwest for companies such as F1rst Wrestling, AWA Rush, SCW, MWA, Arkansas Pro Wrestling, Whiplash Pro and many others.

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  • Sliced Bread
  • Platte River Plunge
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  • "The Passion"
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