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The Young Lion Cup is an in-frequent professional wrestling tournament promoted by New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) as a means of showcasing the younger talent on their roster. The tournament is the successor to the Karl Gotch Cup that NJPW promoted in the 1970s. The Young Lion Cup is a round-robin tournament in the same style as NJPW's annual G1 Climax tournament. NJPW has held the tournament twelve times since 1985, with the most recent tournament held in 2005. Wrestlers traditionally earn 2 points for a victory, 1 point for any sort of draw and 0 points for a loss. The two wrestlers with the most points at the end of the round-robin tournament will then face off in a singles match for the Young Lion Cup trophy.

Young Lion Cup winners

Tournament Year Winner Total won Reference
Young Lion Cup 1985 Shunji Kosugi 1
Young Lion Cup 1986 Keiichi Yamada 1
Young Lion Cup 1987 Masahiro Chono 1
Young Lion Cup 1989 Naoki Sano 1
Young Lion Cup 1991 Michiyoshi Ohara 1
Young Lion Cup 1993 Hiroyoshi Yamamoto 1
Young Lion Cup 1994 Satoshi Kojima 1
Young Lion Cup 1995 Manabu Nakanishi 1
Young Lion Cup 1996 Tokimitsu Ishizawa 1
Young Lion Cup 2000 Kenzo Suzuki 1
Young Lion Cup 2002 Kenzo Suzuki 2  
Young Lion Cup 2004 Ryusuke Taguchi 1  
Young Lion Cup 2005 Hirooki Goto 1

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