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The following is a listing of events that Yoshi Tatsu has participated in.


  • Started Wrestling in Japan


  • Wrestling in Japan


  • Wrestling in Japan


  • Wrestling in Japan


  • Wrestling in Japan


  • Wrestling in Japan


  • Started Wrestling in Florida Championship Wrestling
  • May 6-Florida Championship Wrestling: Mike Kruel defeated Mr. Yamamoto(Yoshi Tatsu)
  • October 16-Florida Championship Wrestling: Jack Gabriel defeated Mr. Yamamoto
  • October 23-FCW: Trent Barretta defeated Yamamoto
  • November 20-Florida Championship Wrestling: Dolph Ziggler defeated Yamamoto
  • December 18-Florida Championship Wrestling: Yamamoto defeated Kafu


  • June 30-ECW: Yoshi Tatsu(debut) defeated Shelton Benjamin
  • July 7-ECW Shelton Benjamin defeated Yoshi Tatsu in a rematch
  • October 27-ECW: Christian defeated Yoshi Tatsu to retain the ECW Championship
  • December 22-ECW: Yoshi Tatsu defeated Jack Swagger in an ECW Homecoming Qualifying match


  • January 31-Royal Rumble: Yoshi Tatsu entered at #21, Eliminated by John Cena
  • March 28-Wrestlemania 26: Yoshi Tatsu won a Battle Royal before the show

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