Yinling (垠凌, real name: 顔 垠凌, Hanyu pinyin: Yán Yínlíng, or in Japanese, インリン (born February 15, 1978) is a Japan-based Taiwanese swimsuit model and race queen. Yinling was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved to Japan at the age of 10 for school. She is called also "Yinling of Joytoy (インリン・オブ・ジョイトイ)," when she appears on television.

Career History

She began modelling at 16, and started working with photographer Hiraokanovsky Kuratachenko at 19. Although never posing completely nude, she does often pose provocatively and scantily dressed. Much of her work is politically themed, often infused with symbols and references to communism and the Soviet Union. She often appears in Japanese men's magazines such as Sabra, and has appeared in photos and films of herself near-nude and mock-masturbating near Tiananmen Square in Beijing as well as in various locales around China.

Yinling also appears for the professional wrestling promotion Hustle, a venture led by Nobuhiko Takada. She originally appeared under the heel alias Yinling the Erotic Terrorist, but then appeared as a face, under the name Newling-sama (i.e., 'Mistress Newling'). She was sidelined from promotion when she was (kayfabe) shot by a fictitious laser beam wielded by The Esperanza during a wrestling match. However, she re-emerged under her evil Yinling persona, who gave birth to Monster Bono, after been hit by The Great Muta's Green mist in the genitals. She is now retired from the promotion. Her Retirement match was with her (kayfabe) son, Monster Bono. She let him win, but he "crushed" her with all of his weight while pinning her, thus killing her (character).


  • Height: 5' 4" (1.62 m)
  • Measurements: 34-22-33 (B86 W56 H85)

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