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Wrestling Superstars Live, formerly known as the AWA (American Wrestling Association) Superstars of Wrestling is a governing body for a group of independent professional wrestling promotions and sanctions various championships.

Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location
AWA Superstars World Heavyweight Championship Ricky Landell Larry Zbyszko October 11, 2008 [[[[Indianapolis, Indiana]]]]
AWA Superstars World Light Heavyweight Championship Kirby Mack TJ Mack January 7, 2007 Pottstown, Pennsylvania
AWA Superstars World Tag Team Championship Team Vision (Chasyn Rance & Mr. Saint Laurent) The Heartbreak Express (Phil & Sean Davis) April 18, 2008 Fayetteville, West Virginia
AWA Superstars Fighting World Championship Keith Walker Ricky Landell September 13, 2008 Waukesha, Wisconsin

Defunct Championships

Championship First Champion Final Champion Date Retired
AWA Superstars World Women's Championship Sherri Martel Sherri Martel 2006
AWA Superstars United States Championship Ricky Landell Ricky Landell March 29, 2008

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