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List of people who worked for Wrestling Society X.



Ring name Real Name Notes
6-Pac Sean Waltman N/A
Alkatrazz Brian Fleming N/A
Arik Cannon N/A
Babi Slymm Tony Drake N/A
Chris Hamrick N/A
Delikado Benjamin Cuntapay N/A
Disco Machine Michael Brian Mondragon N/A
Horiguchi Hiromasa Horiguchi N/A
Human Tornado Craig Williams N/A
Jack Evans Jack Miller N/A
Jesús Aaron Aguilera N/A
Jimmy Jacobs Chris Scoville N/A
Kaos Joey Munoz N/A
Joey Ryan Joseph Ryan N/A
Josh Raymond Josh Abercrombie N/A
Lil’ Cholo TBA N/A
Luke Hawx Oren Hawxhurst N/A
Markus Riot TBA N/A
Matt Classic Scott Colton N/A
Matt Cross Matthew Capiccioni N/A
Matt Sydal Matthew Korklan N/A
Mongol TBA N/A
Nate Webb N/A
New Jack Jerome Young N/A
Justin Credible Peter Polaco N/A
Puma T.J. Perkins N/A
Quicksilver Rick Clements N/A
Ricky Banderas Gilbert Cosme N/A
Ruckus Claude Marrow N/A
Scorpio Sky Schuyler Andrews N/A
Teddy Hart Theodore Annis N/A
Tyler Black Colby Lopez N/A
Vampiro Ian Hodgkinson N/A
Vic Grimes N/A
Yoshino Masato Yoshino N/A
Youth Suicide Andre Verdun N/A


Ring name Real Name Notes
El Jefe TBA N/A
Johnny Webb TBA N/A
Lizzy Valentine Elizabeth Miklosi N/A
Nic Grimes Sara Amato N/A
Sakoda Ryan Sakoda N/A

Teams and Stables

Team name Members Notes
N/A Alkatrazz and Luke Hawx N/A
N/A Arik Cannon, Vic Grimes and Nic Grimes N/A
The Cartel Delikado, Lil’ Cholo, Mongol and El Jefe N/A
Doin' It For Her Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black N/A
The Filth and The Fury Teddy Hart and Matt Cross N/A
Keepin’ It Gangsta Ruckus and Babi Slymm N/A
Los Pochos Guapos Jesús and Kaos N/A
Team Dragon Gate Horiguchi, Yoshino and Sakoda N/A
That 70’s Team Joey Ryan and Disco Machine N/A
The Trailer Park Boyz Nate Webb, Josh Raymond and Johnny Webb N/A


Name Position Notes
Kris Kloss play by play analyst N/A
Bret Ernst color commentator N/A
Fabian Kaelin ring announcer, co-host of WSXtra N/A
Lacey interviewer, co-host of WSXtra N/A
Danny Ramirez Referees N/A
John Moore Referees N/A
Patrick Hernandez Referees N/A
Ricky Knox Referees N/A

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