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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame ("WON HOF" for short) is a professional wrestling hall of fame that exists only on paper.

The WON began in 1996, when Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer chose a large class of initial "inductees". Unlike other forms of sports such as baseball and basketball, professional wrestling did not at that time have a Hall of Fame voted on by a panel of experts who are independent of any of the sport's governing organizations. The WON HOF was intended to fill this need.

Since 1996, the newsletter, regarded as the premier source of "inside" wrestling information, has inducted a new class of inductees yearly, based on a poll of insiders and pro wrestlers chosen by Meltzer. The mechanism of the voting is designed to ensure that wrestling personalities from the United States, Japan, Mexico, and elsewhere will all receive fair representation.

List of members of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame

1996 inductees

1997 inductees

1998 inductees

1999 inductees

2000 inductees

2001 inductees

2002 inductees

2003 inductees

2004 inductees

2005 inductees

2006 inductees

2007 inductees

2008 inductees

2009 inductees

2010 inductees

2011 inductees

2012 inductees

2013 inductees

2014 inductees

2015 inductees

2016 inductees

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