WM30 Cena v B Wyatt
In a matter of weeks, Bray Wyatt injured John Cena, ran down his name and cost him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But at WrestleMania 30, the Cenation leader will finally get his opportunity at retribution. To earn vindication, however, Cena must overcome the Superstar who has quickly established himself to be among the most menacing individuals in WWE history.

The battle is a compelling matchup between two diametric forces. In one corner stands the ever-righteous, albeit polarizing, Cena, who has unflinchingly shouldered the burden of being WWE’s most conspicuous target. Across the ring will be WWE’s most sinister sermonizer, “The Eater of Worlds” who has pegged the Cenation leader as nothing more than a “child afraid of solitude.”

According to the self-proclaimed “Man of 1,000 Truths,” the fan-friendly Cena — an upholder of all that is moral and good and right — is simply a plastic smile, a proud but hollow illusion begging to be exposed. Whether or not Wyatt’s cryptic words hold water, this much is true: As a 14-time World Champion, Cena is the unequivocal gatekeeper to WWE’s main event, and anybody who wants to make it to the promised land must go through him.

Along with his monstrous henchmen, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, Wyatt has made Cena’s life hell in recent months. At Royal Rumble, The Wyatt Family interrupted Cena’s match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, ultimately costing Cena the match. A month later at Elimination Chamber, the Wyatts again prevented Cena from winning an all-important title contest. And on the Feb. 24 edition of Raw, Wyatt formally “introduced” himself to Cena by way of a 3-on-1 attack that left the Cenation leader limping and debilitated by a knee injury.

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