WM30 Bryan v HHH
With the help of the #YESMovement, Daniel Bryan forced Triple H’s hand, and at WrestleMania 30, the irrepressible Beard will square off against The King of Kings in a bout with supremely high stakes: If Bryan wins, he will be entered into WrestleMania’s main event between Randy Orton and Batista, turning the contest into a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match!

For weeks, Triple H refused Bryan’s challenge to face him at WrestleMania, declaring that such a marquee match at The Showcase of The Immortals was no place for WWE’s popular “Yes!” Man, who the WWE COO has graded as a “B+ player” and disparaged as “185-pound, sawed-off midget.” Yet, the grassroots #YESMovement did not weaken or subside, despite Triple H’s balking, and on the March 10 edition of Raw, Bryan called upon his faithful followers to participate in a sit-in, mid-ring. Together, they occupied Raw until Triple H accepted the challenge, with the added wrinkle of the new demand: that Bryan's entry into the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match be on the line.

In reluctantly agreeing to the bout, however, The Game told Bryan he would bring The Beard's career to an end on April 6.

The showdown marks the culmination of what many belief was a concentrated, months-long effort by The Authority to prevent Bryan from regaining the top prize in WWE — the WWE Title-turned-WWE World Heavyweight Title — and becoming the organization’s new face. The alleged campaign infuriated WWE fans, who viewed The Beard’s plight as a symbolic struggle between The Authority and the WWE Universe over control of the WWE ring. Triple H, meanwhile, maintains that he was simply "protecting" Bryan all along, ever since SummerSlam 2013.

Since that fateful night, Bryan’s been beaten down and sabotaged, but his fighting spirit has not diminished. With months of pent-up frustration and the vocal support of the WWE Universe, will Bryan make Triple H pay when it counts the most — at the biggest show in WWE history, with an opportunity at the WWE World Heavyweight Title on the line?

Or, can WWE COO Triple H prove to the WWE Universe that he knew what was best for business all along, and do away with the ultra-popular Bryan, who has never before competed in as high-profile a WrestleMania match as this? Unlike his opponent, whose WrestleMania track record is anemic, The Game has a long list of foes that he’s famously downed on The Grandest Stage of Them All, ranging from Randy Orton to Brock Lesnar.

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