WM 29 Ryback v Henry
Two powerhouses are set to collide at WrestleMania when Ryback squares off against Mark Henry in what will certainly prove to be an event of mass destruction.

Along with both Sheamus & Randy Orton, Ryback has been a target of The Shield for months now, but the recent emergence of Mark Henry as an evident threat has shifted the scary-strong Superstar’s focus, as he’s become a marked man in the eyes of The World’s Strongest Man. The black-clad trio has made Ryback a constant target, opening him up to attacks by other Superstars looking to pick the bones. Enter: Mark Henry.

For weeks, The World’s Strongest Man has engaged in tense staredowns with Ryback whenever they crossed paths, as the two giants constantly measured each other up. With each increasingly hostile encounter, the WWE Universe braced for the fallout if and when the two monstrous competitors ever chose to actually lock up inside the squared circle, a prospect that became a reality thanks to SmackDown General Manager Booker T.

The budding rivalry truly came to a head on the March 15 episode of SmackDown, when Booker scheduled the two behemoths to face off in a highly anticipated one-on-one battle. Instead of witnessing the destruction two of WWE’s strongest Superstars would have inevitably caused, however, The Shield once again emerged in an attempt to take down Ryback, launching a 3-on-1 assault in the middle of the ring.

While Ryback was able to fend off his attackers, Mark Henry opted to involve himself, diverting his foe’s attention just long enough for The Shield to take “The Human Wrecking Ball” out with a devastating Triple Powerbomb.

Then, like an animal stalking wounded prey, The World’s Strongest Man took advantage of the prone Ryback, laying waste to him with three consecutive World’s Strongest Slams and screaming, “You will not run through me! Welcome to The Hall of Pain!”

Resilient as ever, though, Ryback arrived on Raw the following week with a clear purpose. After decimating David Otunga on the March 18 episode, Ryback addressed his attackers. Telling The Shield that he will deal with them in the very near future, with three words Ryback made his immediate intentions clear: “Feed. Me. Henry.”

Instead of getting his revenge on The World’s Strongest Man that very night, however, Raw’s Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero and Senior Advisor to the SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long arrived with some news for Ryback. The administrators took the beast out of the Six-Man Tag Match he was scheduled to compete in alongside Randy Orton & Sheamus and pit him against Mark Henry at WrestleMania.

So now, despite being Sheamus & Randy Orton’s chosen partner to take on The Shield at The Show of Shows, Ryback will lock up with The World’s Strongest Man on The Grandest Stage of Them All in what will no doubt be a legendary showdown between two of the most destructive forces in WWE history.

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