World Xtreme Wrestling is a Northeastern-based independent professional wrestling promotion which has held events across the United States and have toured in Japan, the Middle East and South Pacific region including American Samoa and Guam.

Associated with Afa Anoa'i's Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, among its students who have competed for the promotion include current and former World Wrestling Entertainment competitors Batista, Chris Kanyon, Billy Kidman, Gene Snitsky and cousins Jamal (known as Umaga) and Rosey of Three Minute Warning. Court Bauer, a member of the WWE creative team, was formerly a booker for the promotion during the mid-1990s.

The promotion features in the film The Wrestler, where Mickey Rourke's character "Randy 'The Ram' Robinson" wrestles Tommy Rotten (portrayed by WXW wrestler Tommy Suede).

Championships and accomplishments

Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Days Held
WXW Heavyweight Championship The Beast D. Ramos August 5, 2017 291+
WXW Ultimate Heavyweight Championship Lance Anoai Bo Nekoda July 12, 2015 1046+
WXW Ultimate Hybrid Championship Ace Austin Sam Adams June 4, 2016 718+
WXW Tag Team Championship The New Breed
(The Diamond Kid & Vinny Mac)
The Brothers Lockhart
(Andrew Lockhart & Erik Lockhart)
August 26, 2017 270+
WXW Elite Tag Team Championship The Cam-An Connection
(Cam Zagami & Anthony Greene)
Muscle And Mayhem
(Napalm Bomb & Solo)
July 12, 2015 1046+
WXW Television Championship Gariston Spears Jorel Ganzy August 5, 2017 291+
WXW Blast Television Championship Bo Nekoda Stevie Shields May 30, 2014 1454+
WXW Cruiserweight Championship Tony Ice Ace Radic June 24, 2017 333+
WXW Women's Championship Mercedes Martinez Rocky October 15, 2016 585+
WXW Diamond Division Championship Renee Michelle Jenny Rose July 6, 2015 1082+

Defunct championships

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