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This is a list of wrestlers who currently wrestle or have wrestled in Women of Wrestling.


Ring name Real name Notes
Abilene Maverick Callee Wilkerson
Amber O'Neal Kimberly Dawn Davis
Candice La Rae Candice Dawson
Delta Lotta Pain Jwaundace Candece
Desdemeana The Soldier Of Darkness Andrea VanEpps
Fire Taylor Lewis
Frost The Olympian Janeshia Adams-Ginyard
Jade Jennifer Lee Chan
Jesse Jones Jessie Belle McCoy
Jungle Grrrl Erica Porter
Keta Rush Keta Meggett
Kitty Holly King
La Niña Melissa Santos
Lady London Georgina Rawlings
Lana Star Lana Kinnear
Loca Cher Ferreyra
Santana Garrett Santana Garrett
Selina Majors Selina Major
Sophia López Leslie Garza
Spike Ashly Martinez
Stephanie La Maravillosa Stephanie Mason
Sunshine Jamila Griffith
Tatevik The Gamer Tatevik Hunanyan
Thug Peggy Fowler

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