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Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Event
wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion Jurn Simmons Axel Dieter jr. March 11, 2017 16 Carat Gold 2017
wXw World Tag Team Champion A4 (Absolute Andy & Marius Al-Ani) David Starr & Lio Rush October 22, 2016 Broken Rules XVI
wXw Shotgun Champion Emil Sitoci David Starr, Cody Rhodes & Jurn Simmons March 12, 2017 16 Carat Gold 2017

Defunct Championships

Championship First Champion Final Champion Date Retired
wXw Hardcore Championship Eiji Kichinawa Necro Butcher April 2006
wXw World Lightweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. June 5, 2010

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wXw Shotgun events
2008 results
11/1712/1 12/10 12/24
2009 results
2010 results
2011 results
2012 results
2013 results
2014 results
2015 results


2016 results


2017 results


Westside Xtreme Wrestling events
Extreme Wrestling Party
Sunday Bloody SundayTaste It TwiceDead EndBroken Rulz
PaybackBack To The RootsWXw Vs. NAWA - Harley Night 2002Hour Of PowerDead End 2Broken Rulz 2True ColorsFinal
Back To The Roots 2Got Eggs? - Night 1Got Eggs - Night 2Dead End 3Broken Rulz 3Night Of The Hero'sFight Club3rd Anniversary HUSS-Mas
...And Then We Called 187Back To The Roots 3 - When Hero Met Punk... In GermanyEnter The ZoneStreet BrawlDead End 4Full Force ITattoo Brawl 2004Broken Rulz 4Full Force II - Good Times, Great MemoriesFans Appreciation Night 2004WXw Fight Club 20044th Anniversary Show

Joint@Venture - Night 1Joint@Venture - Night 2Back To The Roots 4Deliver Or Piss OffNavigation To A New LevelFull Force IIIFans Appreciation Night AFans Appreciation Night BDead End V - Night 1Dead End V - Night 2Full Force IVTattoo BrawlBroken Rulz 5Sunday Bloody SundayFight Club 2005: Burning! - Night 1Fight Club 2005: Burning! - Night 25th Anniversary Show


Back To The Roots XIVSteinheimBerlinBielefeldHamburgWeyhewXw 15th Anniversary Tour: Finale


Back To The Roots XVFuldaDead End XVKölnBielefeldGothaHalleStuttgartMünchenKarlsruheThe Inner Circle16 Carat Gold - Night 1AMBITION 716 Carat Gold - Night 216 Carat Gold - Night 3Limbach-OberfrohnaTrue ColorsLeipzigWickedeWeyheFrankfurtSaarbrückenSuperstars of Wrestling - Night 1Superstars of Wrestling - Night 2MagdeburgHofErfurtFinale - Shortcut To The TopKölnOberhausenHamburgNürnbergMünchenChemnitzDresdenLeipzigLudwigshafenFuldaSaarbrückenWorld Tag Team League 2016 - Night 1World Tag Team League 2016 - Night 2World Tag Team League 2016 - Night 3BaselBorkenBielefeldStuttgartBroken Rulz XVIKarlsruheLippstadtErfurtMünsterWeyheGothaHalle (Saale)World Championships - Night 1KölnWorld Championships - Night 2 (Show 1)World Championships - Night 2 (Show 2)Hamburg IIBerlinMagdeburg16th Anniversary


Back To The RootsBielefeld IWolfenbüttelLondonGothaHalle (Saale)KölnRoad To 16 Carat GoldWaldkraiburgDead End XVIDüsseldorfInner Circle 316 Carat Gold - Night 116 Carat Gold - Night 2AMBITION 816 Carat Gold - Night 3WeyheKutenholzMagdeburgIlsenburgLudwigshafenFulda

ChemnitzTrue ColorsLeipzigStuttgartFrankfurtHoyerswerdaSuperstars Of WrestlingBielefeld IIHilpoltsteinHamburg IIBerlinErfurtMünsterShortcut To The Top

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