Western Australia (abbreviated as WA) is a state that occupies the entire west coast of Australia. It is the largest state in Australia, bordering the Northern Territory to the north east and South Australia to the south east, while facing the Indian Ocean to the west and north and the Southern Ocean to the south. Western Australia's capital city is Perth, which is the nation's fourth most populous city behind Sydney. Melbourne, and Brisbane. In March 2014, the estimated population of Western Australia was 2.5 million. Four-fifths of the state's population, 2 million, live in the Greater Perth area. Inhabitants of Western Australia are referred to as Sandgropers, due to the majority of the state being occupied by the Great Sandy Desert.

The colony of Western Australia was founded in 1826 in the regional city of Albany, before Perth was established as the Swan River Colony in 1829. This was however a long time after the region was first discovered in 1616. It was the third British colony to be established after New South Wales and Tasmania (then Van Dieman's Land).




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