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This is a list of wrestlers who currently wrestle in West Coast Wrestling Connection.



Ring name Real Name Notes
Adam Thornstowe N/A
Ashton Vuitton N/A
Big Duke
Caleb Konley N/A
Dan Joseph N/A
Eric Right N/A
Ethan HD N/A
Gangrel David Heath N/A
The Grappler data-parsoid="{"autoInsertedEnd":true,"dsr":[1146,1159,1,0]}"|Len Denton
Grappler 3 Erik Baeden N/A
Grappler 4 Cody Smith N/A
Hammerstone N/A
Jack Manley N/A
Jeremy Blanchard N/A
Joey Ryan N/A
Kevin Kross N/A
Matt Striker N/A
Maxwell Chicago N/A
Mike Santiago N/A
Mikey O'Shea N/A
Nick Price N/A
Raccid Najjar N/A
Remy Marcel N/A
Scott Henson N/A
Shadow I N/A
Shadow II N/A
Suede Thompson N/A

Other personnel

On-Air talent

Name Position Notes
Tod Kenely Play-by-play Announcer }

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