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Television Programs

Date Event
May 22, 2007ECW
May 25, 2007SmackDown
May 20, 2008ECW
May 23, 2008SmackDown
February 15, 2010RAW
May 31, 2011NXT
June 2, 2011Superstars
June 3, 2011SmackDown
September 2, 2013RAW
September 6, 2013Superstars
February 5, 2014Main Event
February 7, 2014SmackDown
September 1, 2014RAW
September 4, 2014Superstars
March 16, 2015RAW
March 19, 2015Superstars
December 22, 2015Main Event
December 22, 2015SuperSmackDown
May 10, 2016Main Event
May 12, 2016SmackDown

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  • Pro fight [ Wells Fargo Arena at Pro Fight DB]

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