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The WWP Heavyweight World Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in the South African professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Professionals (WWP), contested exclusively among Heavyweight (>=100 kg (220 lb)) wrestlers. It was created in April 2004 when WWP debuted its television show, WWP Thunderstrike. Tornado has had the longest reign.

Title history

Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Tornado 1 December 2005 Johannesburg, South Africa
Dameon Duke 1 April 2007 Johannesburg, South Africa
Fury 1 2 January 2008 Johannesburg, South Africa
Vacant 9 January 2009
Joe E. Legend 1 10 January 2009 Johannesburg, South Africa Defeated PJ Black.
Vacant 10 July 2009
Tornado 2 11 July 2009 Lubambashi, Democratic Republic of Congo Defeated Dameon Duke.
Mr. Wrestling 1 22 March 2014 Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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