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Title history

# The overall championship reign
Reign The reign number for the specific wrestler listed.
Event The event promoted by WWL in which the title changed hands
+ Indicates that the number of days held by this individual changes everyday.
N/A The specific information is not known
Used for vacated reigns in order to not count it as an official reign

As of January 19, 2017.

# Wrestler Reign Date Days
Location Event Notes

Monster Pain 1

April 21, 2013 182 Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico Idols of Wrestling (2013) Defeated Bobby Lashley in the Final of a twenty-five man battle royal to become the inaugural champion.

Shane Sewell 1

October 18, 2014 222 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Insurrection

Alberto Del Rio 2

January 6, 2015 189 Puerto Rico Guerra de Reyes 2015 Defeated Shane Sewell in a Single Match to win the WWL World Heavyweight Championship

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