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WWE Magazine Vol 20.9 is a magazine by the World Wrestling Federation. It is the September 2001 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
20 Finally! The Rock has come back to the WWF, but what should the millions and millions of the "Great One's" fans expect from his return?
28 In His Own World Perry Saturn's bizarre behavior has everyone guessing—and Terri suffering.
35 The Ultimate Evil Taka and Funaki may be the most evil men walking the planet.
38 Jerichoholics Unite! Chris Jericho has never been shy about voicing his opinion, but you'll still be shocked to read what he says in this exclusive interview.
46 Family Feuds WWF Magazine looks at the Federation's fighting families.
54 Power Outage? With Triple H injured, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon may be on their own.
58 Charge! Rhyno has stormed straight to the top of the World Wrestling Federation.
62 The Royal Treatment Exclusive King of the Ring pay-per-view photos.


Page # Feature
8 Smack Talk
10 WWF Happenings
12 Cartoon
14 The Big Question
16 Rookies to Legends Jerry Lynn
19 Tour Guide
72 Trivia
74 The Informer
76 Off the Mat
80 Gettin' Heat w/Steven Richards

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