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WWE Magazine Vol 6.10 is a magazine by the World Wrestling Federation. It is the October 1987 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
14 WWF Interview: George "The Animal" Steele says a few words
19 Arming To Win: Arm Tactics In the Ring
24 Battle of the Titans: Killer Khan vs. Outback Jack
50 Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart: Which one is the most successful manager?
56 Tag Team Turmoil: Hot tag team competition boils over
62 The Million Dollar Man: Can Ted DiBiase buy everything?
66 Outlaw Ron Bass: Bad man with a bullwhip


Page # Feature
4 Around the Ring: Editor's Comments
6 Fan Forum: Communications channel for readers
8 WWF List: Wrestlers' favorite cities
10 Newsbreakers: Late-breaking developments
12 Personality Profile: Who's who in the ring (Matilda)
70 Private Eye: A personal look at WWF stars
74 WWF Lowdown: Snooping behind the scenes
76 Wrap Up: Goings on in the WWF
78 Wrestler's Rebuttal: Wrestler's opportunity to speak their minds
79 WWF Crossword: Grappling with words
80 Caught in the Act: Unusual photos from the world of the WWF

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