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WWE Magazine Vol 4.6 is a magazine by the World Wrestling Federation. It is the October/November 1986 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
6 Lunch With Your Favorite Manager: Elizabeth—And Randy Too
12 The Meanest Man I Know: Elizabeth On Randy Savage
18 Heenan Interview: Bobby Shares His Brain
24 Battle of the Titans: Piper vs. Muraco
30 The Superstar: Billy Graham's Grand Return to the WWF
35 Back Stabber: Why Orndorff Turned on Hogan
38 Arena Eats: Gourmet Goodies At Wrestling Arenas
42 Jake The Snake: Roberts' Reptilian Ways
46 King of the Ring: An Outdoor Tourney For All The Marbles
50 Bulldogs Beat Big Guys?: The Champs' Chances Assessed
58 The Machines: Giant and Super Machine Storm the WWF


Page # Feature
4 Around the Ring: A New Forum For Readers
17 Best And Worst: Tastes in Clothing in The WWF
29 Sounding Off: Wrestlers Speak Their Minds
33 Staying Fit: Wrestlers' Personal Tips for Good Health
57 Foreign Affairs: WWF Overseas
63 WWF Wrap Up: Goings On in the WWF
64 Headlocks: Puzzles and Games
64 Poffo's Poetry: Lanny Takes Pen in Hand

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