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WWE Magazine Vol 2.1 is a magazine by the World Wrestling Federation. It is the April/May 1984 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
5 Hulkamania Strikes the WWF: The Incredible Hulk Hogan Becomes 9th WWF Champion
9 Injustice? The Iron Sheik Displays Anti-American Bitterness
12 A Sheik Shopping Spree
14 The End of An Era: Injuries Prevent Bob Backlund's Immediate Title Reclamation
16 Atlas-Johnson Ready for Samoan Attack
20 North-South Connection Surfaces for WWF Tag Team Title Chase
23 Arriba! Santana Overcomes Inter-Continental Obstacle
26 The World Wrestling Federation Official Magazine's "Wrestler of the Year": Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
29 Most Disliked Wrestler: The Magnificent Muraco
31 Rookie of the Year: Eddie Gilbert
32 A Pictorial Look at the Fans
38 The Von Erichs: A Dominant Family of Wrestling
42 Rowdy Roddy Pipes Two Images
45 Sgt. Slaughter Declares War on The Iron Sheik
49 Studd Emerges As Royal Contender
52 Mr. Wonderful: Seeks WWF or Intercontinental Titles
55 Hobbies: Salvatore Bellamo Recreates 17th Century Ships


Page # Feature
58 Newcomers: David "Dr. D" Schultz, Brian Blair
60 WWF History Library
63 A Match To Remember
64 Mailbag

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