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Track listing

Track Song Subject Artist Length
1 "The Game" Triple H Drowning Pool 3:29
2 "Legs" Stacy Keibler Kid Rock 4:55
3 "Young Grow Old" Backlash (2002) Creed 4:45
4 "Glass Shatters" Stone Cold Steve Austin Disturbed 3:54
5 "Rollin' (Dead Man Mix)" The Undertaker Limp Bizkit 3:42
6 "Whatever" Chris Benoit Our Lady Peace 3:55
7 "Never Gonna Stop (The Black Cat Crossing Mix)" Edge Rob Zombie 3:45
8 "One of a Kind" Rob Van Dam Breaking Point 3:30
9 "The Beautiful People" WWF SmackDown! Marilyn Manson 4:18
10 "Across the Nation" WWF RAW The Union Underground 3:02
11 "Break the Walls Down" Chris Jericho Sevendust 3:17
12 "Turn the Tables" Dudley Boyz Saliva 4:23
13 "Live for the Moment" Matt Hardy Monster Magnet 5:01
14 "End of Everything" Raven Stereomud 3:29
15 "Ride of Your Life" King of the Ring (2002) Neurotica 3:40
16 "Just Another Victim" Tazz Cypress Hill 4:16
17 "No Chance" Vince McMahon Dope 4:03
18 "Lovefurypassionenergy" Lita Boy Hits Car 4:46
19 "Slow Chemical" Kane Finger Eleven 3:42
WWE Albums
The Wrestling AlbumPiledriver – The Wrestling Album 2WrestleMania: The AlbumWWF Full MetalWWF The Music, Vol. 2We Gotta WrestleWWF The Music, Vol. 3WWF The Music, Vol. 4WWF AggressionWWF The Music, Vol. 5WWF Forceable EntryWWE AnthologyWWE OriginalsThemeAddict: WWE The Music, Vol. 6WWE Wreckless IntentWWE The Music, Vol. 7Raw Greatest Hits: The MusicWWE The Music, Vol. 8Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9WWE The Music: A New Day, Vol. 10WWE The Music: The Beginning
One-off albums
You Can't See MeA Jingle with Jillian
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