WWF Battlemania No. 4 is a comic book released in the WWF Battlemania series that was put out by WWF and Valiant. It was released on December 1, 1991.

Plot Summary

This issue contains two separate stories featuring the unstoppable Undertaker. In the first story, the Big Bossman is convinced that The Undertaker and his mentor Paul Bearer are up to no good in their funeral parlor business and has set up surveillance in a van outside of the establishment. A misunderstanding leads Bossman to burst in during a memorial service and brawl with the Undertaker.

In the second story, Roddy Piper attempts to motivate the Ultimate Warrior and help him come to grips with his crushing fear of being buried alive by the Undertaker after Undertaker ambushed him and locked him in a coffin in front of an audiance full of spectators.




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