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WWE The Music Volume 8 is a compilation album released by WWE on March 25, 2008. Unlike its predecessor, which was released exclusively on iTunes, Volume 8 was sold as a CD (much like other WWE music albums) in addition to being offered on iTunes.

Track listing

All tracks were written by Jim Johnston.

Track Song Subject Length
1 "No More Words" (performed by EndeverafteR) Jeff Hardy 4:23
2 "S.O.S." (performed by Collie Buddz) Kofi Kingston 3:31
3 "Glamazon" Beth Phoenix 2:49
4 "The Wall" (performed by Heet Mob) Mark Henry 3:09
5 "In the Middle of It Now" (performed by Disciple) Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder 4:10
6 "Sliced Bread" (performed by Jillian Hall) Jillian Hall 3:10
7 "No Chance in Hell" (performed by Theory of a Deadman) Vince McMahon 2:55
8"Don't Question My Heart" (performed by Saliva, featuring Brent Smith of Shinedown) ECW 3:39
9 "Biscuits & Gravy" Jesse and Festus 3:34
10 "What Love Is" Candice Michelle 3:37
11 "Ain't No Make Believe" (performed by Stonefree Experience) John Morrison 4:19
12 "Ain't No Stoppin' Me" (performed by Axel) Shelton Benjamin 3:07
13 "Turn Up the Trouble" (performed by Airbourne) Mr. Kennedy 3:13
14 "Break the Walls Down" (performed by James Grundler) Chris Jericho 3:33

Three bonus tracks sold exclusively through Wal-Mart include

Track Song Subject Length
15 "Let's Light a Fire Tonight" (performed by Aiden) Ashley 3:04
16 "Hes Ma Da" Hornswoggle 2:33
17 "La Vittoria è Mia" ("Victory Is Mine") Santino Marella 3:48
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