WWE The List was an original show that debuted on June 8, 2015 on the WWE Network.


WWE The List is the best, the worst, the most bizarre and interesting of everything and anything WWE. If it’s amazing, outrageous, sexy or just plain fun, it just made #TheList.

Season 1

No. Title Original air date Notes
1 Trendiest Divas June 8, 2015 Whether it's winning the Diva's Championship, or posting a very flattering photo on Twitter... These Divas do it all to stay trending.
2 Shocking Title Changes June 16, 2015 Not everything can be found on Google. Shocking Title Changes gives rank to some of the most OMG Title Matches of all time!
3 Unforgiving Foreign Objects June 23, 2015 Cheaters never win... That is unless you get creative. It's time to get sneaky as we list some of the most Unforgiving Foreign Objects in WWE History!
4 Most Royal Superstars July 7, 2015 Whether it's hailing, bowing or kissing some royal feet., these Majestic Superstars certainly made a name for themselves in WWE History.
5 Foxiest Features July 14, 2015 Let's face it, sometimes looking good is better than actually being good. This episode collects the WWE Superstars' and Divas' Foxiest Features and compiles them into one scandalous list.
6 Coolest Swag July 21, 2015 From the Wrestling Buddy to the evolution of the WWE Action figure, it's time to get nostalgic as the list for Coolest Swag is revealed!
7 The Other Guys July 28, 2015 It's time to pay homage to the Superstars that never really got the credit they deserved during their time in WWE's Tag Team division.
8 Krazy Kin August 4, 2015 Bonded by blood, broken by greed. It's time to take a look back and decipher which WWE family belongs on our craziest families!
9 Mechanical Mayhem August 11, 2015 We're taking this episode to the streets as we show respect to some of the best vehicular moments ever in WWE history.
10 Biggest Underdogs August 18, 2015 Is there anything more buzzworthy than a true Cinderella story? Find out why as we examine the top Underdogs in WWE history!
11 Infamous Transformations November 3, 2015 Listing the most Infamous Transformations in WWE History!
12 Failed Factions November 10, 2015 Listing the most Infamous Failed Factions in WWE history!
13 Unforgettable Vignettes November 17, 2015 Listing the most Unforgettable Superstar Vignettes in WWE History!
14 OMG Moments November 24, 2015 Listing the most jaw dropping OMG Moments in WWE History!

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