WWE Swerved was an original show that premiered on June 22, 2015 on the WWE Network and ran until its second (and final) season, which was on June 6, 2016.


WWE teams up with the Director of Jackass and Bad Grandpa, Jeff Tremaine, to give you the hilarious original series, Swerved.

Season 1 (2015)

No. Title Original air date Notes
1 "I Thought I Was Dead" June 22, 2015 Zack Ryder and Alex Riley get shocked, Booker T gets Hornswoggled, and we take the Poo Mic to the WWE Hall of Fame Red Carpet.
2 "Are You Crazy Fox?" June 29, 2015 R-Truth gets a lesson in gym safety, a frisky granny invades Axxess and Kofi locks the champ out of Extreme Rules.
3 "Are You Pranking Me?" July 13, 2015 R-Truth is a Bad Ass Elephant, Fandango treats Heath Slater and The Ascension to lunch and Kofi and Xavier get into an all out prank war.
4 "You Little Punk" July 20, 2015 Curtis Axel gets shot down by a bratty kid. Byron and Summer Rae help an old lady. Fandango and Heath Slater create chaos in a coffee shop.
5 "The Boogeyman Is Real" August 17, 2015 Boogeyman and Big Show experience technical difficulties, Rosa’s patience gets tested, and Superstars sit down for a stinky lunch.
6 "You Swerved Yourself" August 24, 2015 Rosa and Foxy meet a sleazeball dad and his loudmouth kid. Zack Ryder helps a pregnant woman. Heath Slater gets treated to a messy 3D TV.
7 "Thank You for Swerving Us" August 31, 2015 Superstars seek revenge! Paige gets a cattle prod. Adam Rose deals with a saucy fan. Superstars and Divas remember their favorite Swerves.

Season 2 (2016)

No. Title Original air date Notes
1 Who Woulda Thought? June 6, 2016 Swerved is back! Miz pranks a security guard, a focus group samples some New Day products, and Paige makes a bloody mess.
2 You've Been Had All Day! June 6, 2016 Big Show becomes a bronze statue, a crazy fan invades the Performance Center, Becky Lynch and R-Truth set up a security checkpoint.
3 Drop It Down! June 6, 2016 Rollins and Orton surprise trash-talking kids, The New Day and Usos cause chaos in a hardware store, and R-Truth is a crazy ex-boyfriend.
4 Don't Have a Face for TV June 6, 2016 Dean Ambrose and Renee Young play Prize Time, Usos pull some twin magic, Lana and Foxy get their makeup done, Stardust invades Axxess.
5 Can't Find Good Help June 6, 2016 Mr. McMahon goes deep undercover, Big E is a bad trainer, a Baby Elephant and Box Man team up to scare fans at Axxess.
6 You Said Booty June 6, 2016 Summer Rae takes surprising fan photos, Miz and Dolph have some awful auditions, and Charlotte locks Ric Flair out of the venue.
7 Having Hair Looks Stupid June 6, 2016 Kids make crazy signs with AJ Styles and Ryback, Social Outcasts secure a parking lot, and the Dudley Boyz have plumbing problems.
8 Dude, Are You Crazy?! June 6, 2016 Mark Henry's on TV, Dolph and Paige go on dates, Tyler Breeze and Becky Lynch invade an art gallery, Neville and Booker T get interviewed.
9 You Just Got Got! June 6, 2016 Swerved Season Two's greatest hits and biggest misses told by those who were there to see it.

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List of WWE Swerved episodes
Season One
I Thought I Was DeadAre You Crazy Fox?Are You Pranking Me?You Little PunkThe Boogeyman Is RealYou Swerved YourselfThanks For Swerving Us
Season Two
Who Woulda Thought?You've Been Had All Day!Drop It Down!Don't Have a Face for TVCan't Find Good HelpYou Said BootyHaving Hair Looks StupidDude, Are You Crazy?!You Just Got Got!