WWE Slam City is an animated internet show featuring WWE Superstars. The series premiered on March 16, 2014. The show centres around various WWE Superstars as they are fired from the WWE by a villainous masked wrestler called "The Finisher" - who has taken over the WWE - and look for day jobs in Slam City. WWE also released a related toy line related to this series.



No. Title Original air date Notes
1 "Auto-Tude Adjustment" March 17, 2014 Nothing can stop WWE Superstars John Cena - Not even an oil change. Watch as he takes on his biggest challenge yet - An oil change
2 "Alberto The Barista" March 16, 2014 Alberto Del Rio can do some serious pressing - Coffee pressing. Watch him fulfill his destiny to be the greatest barista of all time.
3 "A Big Brawl" March 16, 2014 WWE Superstar Big Show is having car trouble and the only mechanic in town is John Cena. Watch to see their showdown give a different meaning to the phrase "customer service".
4 "Cafeteria Chaos" March 16, 2014 Whoever is serving lunch is a monster - A Big Red Monster! Watch WWE Superstars Kane take on pizza day in the newest episode of Slam City.
5 "Cold...Stone Cold" March 30, 2014 Stone Cold Steve Austin has one request, coffee cold enough for a WWE Champion. Watch Alberto Del Rio take customer service to incredible new heights.
6 "Surround Pound & Stadium Pt. 1" March 30, 2014 The movie has started but the real action is in the audience. Watch Sheamus and Brock Lesnar throw down their popcorn for a showdown in their seats.
7 "The Crossing Guard" March 30, 2014 Drivers in Slam City are about to learn a serious lesson - You ALWAYS stop for Rey Mysterio. Watch the WWE Superstars take to the streets and enforce the speed limit.
8 "Perky The Penguin" April 21, 2014 Chuck E. Cheese style host Mark Henry battles an evil animatronic penguin for the soul of the kid birthday pizza haven.
9 "Hot Enough For Ya?" April 21, 2014 Kane serves up a meatloaf to a bratty kid who wants his lunch a little hotter than usual. The devil's favorite demon is more than happy to oblige.
10 "Sundae In The Park With Punk" May 11, 2014 CM Punk accidentally spills onto the Miz's pristine business suit, and a battle over who should pay the dry cleaning bill ensues.
11 "Surround Pound & Stadium Pt. 2" May 11, 2014 Sheamus and Brock Lesnar roll into the old west as they continue to battle over who's in charge of the movie. Sets up for an epic conclusion.
12 "The Finisher" May 11, 2014 Behind the scenes at WWE, The Finisher reveals his dastardly plan - imprisoning Mr. McMahon and stealing the WWE Championship.
13 "Battle For The Streets" May 11, 2014 Rey Mysterio is challenged by Damien Sandow over who is more qualified to take care of the children and grandmothers crossing the street.
14 "Between A Rock And A Pizza: Pt. 1" August 11, 2014 Mark Henry and The Rock battle over a pizza, only to be outwitted by an animatronic penguin!
15 "Between A Rock And A Pizza: Pt. 2" August 11, 2014 Mark Henry and The Rock team up to chase down and defeat the animatronic penguin army once and for all!
16 "We All Scream For Ice Cream!" September 8, 2014 CM Punk brawls with Damien Sandow over the value of wisdom versus ice cream, and Punk leads Sandow brilliantly into a trap with the monster Kane.
17 "Coffee Showdown" September 8, 2014 Alberto challenges Miz to a duel after the cocky Superstar threatens to use the facilities without making a purchase. Coffeehouse blasphemy!
18 "Recipe for Disaster" September 8, 2014 Daniel Bryan visits his old tag team partner Kane's kitchen, desperate to find a recipe of old. But Rey Mysterio has designs on a food fight!
19 "The Wandering Nomad" September 22, 2014 Santino Marella searches for a job in Slam City and decides to run for Mayor.
20 "Best Dessert in the World" September 22, 2014 Mark Henry is hungry for some ice cream but CM Punk is hungry for a brawl!
21 "Randy Gets His Goat" October 13, 2014 An alarm in the Slam City Zoo means Randy Orton must tame goatman Daniel Bryan.
22 "Who Is the Apex Serpent?" October 13, 2014 Santino's search for employment leads him to the Slam City Zoo!
23 "Resistant Gorilla" October 13, 2014 Randy Orton rules the zoo with an iron fist, but an unruly gorilla resists bath time. What's an Apex Predator to do?
24 "Surround Pound & Stadium Beating Pt. 3" October 20, 2014 It’s the finale to the most epic trilogy of all time! Sheamus and Brock Lesnar conclude their rumble in the cinema.
25 "Finale: Pt. 1" October 27, 2014 John Cena takes on The Finisher to save Slam City in part one of the exciting finale!
26 "Finale: Pt. 2" November 3, 2014 It’s the ultimate dream team as The Rock and John Cena team up to take on the Finisher in the exciting finale of SLAM CITY!

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Auto-Tude AdjustmentAlberto The BaristaA Big BrawlCafeteria ChaosCold...Stone ColdSurround Pound & Stadium Pt. 1The Crossing GuardPerky The PenguinHot Enough For Ya?Sundae In The Park With PunkSurround Pound & Stadium Pt. 2The FinisherBattle For The StreetsBetween A Rock And A Pizza: Pt. 1Between A Rock And A Pizza: Pt. 2We All Scream For Ice Cream!Coffee ShowdownRecipe for DisasterThe Wandering NomadThe Best Dessert in the WorldRandy Gets His GoatWho Is The Apex Serpent?Resistant GorillaSurround Pound & Stadium Beating Pt. 3Finale: Pt. 1Finale: Pt. 2

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