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WWE Magazine Vol 12.6 is a Raw magazine by World Wrestling Entertainment. It is the June 2006 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
16Got Spirit? - Whether you love them or hate them, it's with a passion. We sit down with Raw's resident cheerleaders to learn about championships, women and what it takes to join the Spirit Squad.
26Golden Years - Goldust lives a life of luxury that most of us can only dream of. Visit the "Golden One" for a tour of his twisted mind.
34In Your Dreams - Foley vs. Flair? HBK vs. The Rock? Austin vs. Hogan? We take a look at the dream matches every WWE fan wants to happen.
46Manager's Corner - They were the deviant minds behind some of WWE's most legendary Superstars. Revisit the greatest managers of all time, and hear what Bobby Heenan himself has to say about some of the greats!


Page # Feature
2 Something You Didn't Know About - Edge
6 Letters to the Editor - The Readers Speak
10 Superstar Sightings
12 Calendar - Tour Dates & Birthdays
13 Classics - This Month in History
14 Raw Exclusive Photo
58 Fantasy Warfare - Mickie James vs. Luna Vachon
60 DVD Shelf - Firewall
64 The Finisher - Eu-gene Simmons?

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