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WWF Magazine - June/July 1985

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WWE Magazine Vol 3.4 is a magazine by the World Wrestling Federation. It is the June/July 1985 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
4 Jimmy Hart: The Mouth of the South
10 WWF Super Stars Toys: The Debut of Toy Wrestlers
12 Lunch With Your Favorite Wrestler: Jamal Meets JYD!
16 Newcomers: Size, Style and Invention Enliven the WWF
18 Jim Neidhart: The Anvil Starts Hammering the WWF
24 Rita Marie: The Referee With a Feminine Touch
30 The Rock N' Wrestling Connection: Pictorial
32 WrestleMania Retrospective Cover
40 Orndorff: Paul Wants It All
48 Hillbilly Jim: On the Road to Recovery
58 Sammartino: Bruno's Triumphant Return to the WWF


Page # Feature
9 Amy Speaks Out!: Our Resident Femme Fatale
28 Match to Remember: The Way-Back-When of Wrestling
52 In This Corner: Lord Alfred Hayes' Words of Wisdom and Wrestling
53 Staying Fit: Wrestlers' Personal Tips for Good Health
55 Foreign Affairs: Intrigue in the WWF Universe
57 Around the Ring: Thoughts From the Editor
60 Atlanta Connection: WWF in the South

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