WWE Kids Magazine No.2 is a kids magazine by World Wrestling Entertainment. It is the July/August 2008 and the second edition of the magazine.

Main Event

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4-11Jump start your three-month vacay with a list of 30 things every WWE fan should do this summer! Plus, check out the most disgusting lunch menu outside of your school cafeteria.

Mind Slammers

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12-17Think you can pick your boogers like a champ? Well so do eight WWE Superstars in the grossest mind boggler yet. Five pages of cranium-twisting puzzles and games are guaranteed to make your brain ooze out of your nostrils. And, hey-- no brain? No homework!

Go For The Gold

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18-20Stay in shape with eight HBK-approved beach butt-busters, and powerbomb parchedness with Batista's breakdown of the healthiest hydrators.

Locker Room

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22-28How does loot from your backpack size up against one of Big Show's paws? What's the grossest thing Edge ever smelt? Which WWE Superstar has a waterslide in his backyard? Sneak backstage and behind the scenes to find out!

Ringside Seats

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30-35You wanted more Superstars and WWE Kids delivered! Check out four action-packed pages of the coolest and craziest snapshots of Undertaker, Triple H, Jeff Hardy and more.

Foreign Objects

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36-43Like Triple H's entrance song, summer's all about the games and how you play 'em--and we have just the tools to keep the fun level cranked up to "overdrive"! Feast your peepers on video games, movies, DVDs and toys you won't want to share!

Finishing Moves

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44-48Think you're funnier than WWE's wittiest Superstars? See if you can beat their silly photo captions, as well as ID our mystery Superstar. Also, learn how to ruin your family BBQ right here!
47Answer Key: So, how'd you do?

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