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WWE Kids Magazine No.1 is a kids magazine by World Wrestling Entertainment. It is the May/June 2008 and the first edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
4 Birthdaymania: Throw the ultimate birthday bash, WWE-style.
6 History's Mysteries: Rey Mysterio invades history class.
7 Dos & Don'ts: Surf safely.
8 Is Your Teacher A Luchador?: Here's how you can tell.
9 Slammin' Super Fans: Your fave celebs love WWE!
10 WWE Goes the Distance: Follow your favorite Superstars.
12 Help Like A Champ!: C'mon, lend a hand!


Page # Feature
14 Lucha Labyrinth!: It's a-maze-ing!
15 Funfair Find It: Ride along with London & Kendrick.
16 Crack the Code: Have you got what it takes?
17 Suitcase Scramble: Help the Superstars find their stuff!


Page # Feature
18 Fab vs. Flab: Which one do you want to be?
20 Chip Challenge!: Meet the six healthiest spud snacks in your supermarket.
22 Know Your Muscles: Use your mind to locate important parts of your body.


Page # Feature
24 My Cool Stuff!: Edge shows us his cars, action figures and guitars.
25 We Wanna Know!: Hornswoggle answers your questions about living life a little bit differently.
26 Oooops!: We screwed up our interview with CM Punk big time. Help us fix it before Mr. McMahon finds out!
27 The Mega Question: What's the grossest thing you've ever stepped in?!?


Page # Feature
28 The Mighty Krozor: World conquest, one issue at a time.
29 Time Rumble: The Nature Boy and Maria make history.
30 Turnbuckle & Tag: WWE goes to the dogs (and evil hedgehogs).
31 The Hardys In Space: The high-flying brothers are out of this world.


Page # Feature
34 Game Room: The absolute best ways to get blisters on your thumbs.
36 Movie Meatgrinder: Hot flicks, pre-digested for your convenience.
38 Spidey-Style: Watches and sneakers that'll make you wish you had eight limbs.
40 Gear Up!: Hey! That allowance ain't gonna spend itself!


Page # Feature
42 Get Out of Trouble!: Handy coupons to save your butt.
43 Beat These Captions!: We dare ya!
44 Make Mom Freak!: A perfect prank, guaranteed to steam her earlobes.
46 LOL!: These jokes hurt bellies!
46 Get Your Face On TV!: Here's how.
48 Who Am I?!: Can you identify the mystery Superstar?
49 Answer Key: So, how'd you do?

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