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WWE Kids Magazine
WWE Kids Magazine October 2010
Issue No.
Frequency 2 monthly
Price £3.25 (uk)
Last February 2011
Next April 2011

WWE Kids Magazine is a WWE Magazine for Kids about age 5-12 and has lots of WWE Information for kids. It goes on sale every 3 weeks the next issue will go on sale March 16, 2011.

Some of WWE’s biggest fans are our littlest fans – kids. They tune in to WWE programming week after week, log on to and now they can grab a copy of WWE Kids Magazine to check out the latest in sports-entertainment and beyond.

“The goal of WWE Kids Magazine is to entertain and educate kids ages 6 to 14,” said Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Tony Romando. “Through the power of their favorite Superstars, we’re looking to challenge young fans’ minds as well as bodies with tips on everything from healthy eating to history lessons.”

The magazine, which is published once every two months, isn’t just for WWE fans. There’s a little something for every young reader to enjoy, including puzzles, comics and the latest in entertainment.

“Mind Slammers is the most popular section with WWE Kids readers. It’s packed with puzzles, hidden picture challenges and activities that challenge every level of WWE Wrestling knowledge,” Romando explained. “There are also match results in the magazine, great photos, pranks, sports, video game reviews and awesome Superstar interviews.”

Don’t be surprised if the parents of young readers are caught red-handed with a copy of WWE Kids Magazine. recently talked to several Superstars and Divas who said they, too, are big fans of the colorful and exciting read.


# Front cover superstar(s) Release dates Issue Page
1 Rey Mysterio May/June 2008 No.1
2 Jeff Hardy July/August 2008 No.2
3 Triple H September/October 2008 No.3
4 John Cena November/December 2008 No.4
5 The Undertaker Holiday 2008 No.5
6 John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy February 2009 No.6
7 Shawn Michaels, Batista, Jeff Hardy March 2009 No.7
8 The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Rey Mysterio, John Cena May 2009 No.8
9 John Cena June 2009 No.9
10 Jeff Hardy, Triple H July 2009 No.10
11 John Cena Summer 2009 No.11
12 The Undertaker October 2009 No.12
13 D-Generation X December 2009 No.13
14 Rey Mysterio, John Cena Holiday 2009 No.14
15 The Undertaker, Triple H, Randy Orton February 2010 No.15
16 John Cena March 2010 No.16
17 Rey Mysterio, Edge April 2010 No.17
18 Triple H June 2010 No.18
19 John Cena July 2010 No.19
20 The Undertaker Summer 2010 No.20
22 John Cena Special 2010 No.22
23 Rey Mysterio October 2010 No.23
24 Santino Marella, Randy Orton, John Cena December 2010 No.24
25 John Cena February 2011 No.25


  • Main Event
  • Mind Slammers
  • Go For Gold
  • Ringside Seats
  • Locker Room
  • Foreign Objects
  • Finishing Moves

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