WWE Diva Magazine - 2007 is a magazine by World Wrestling Entertainment. It is the 2007 edition of the magazine.


8 Car Wish: They're buff. They're shiny. They're the hottest minimum wage earners on the planet. And to've been complaining about those pigeons dropping bombs on your ride. 26 Boudoir Brawl: An innocent sleepover is thrown into chaos when Divas clash in a bra-snapping, panty-slapping, feather-detonating pillow fight. Who dreams this stuff up? Our perverted staff of hard-up editors, of course. 54 Exposé Exposed: In this ridiculously sexy pictorial, it takes three to tango as ECW's dance ensemble steams up the locker room in a for-your-eyes-only performance. Damn, showering never felt so dirty. 70 Divas in Training: WWE's future women's champions? Meet the talented young ladies teetering on the precipice of squared-circle glory. Mark our words: You'll be ogling them on TV very, very soon. 81 Adult Swim: We strapped on our inflatable swimmies and dog-paddled to the deep end of the pool to snap these unauthorized Diva photos...until security caught us snooping and tossed us out. What gave us away? The SPF 250? 96 Ultimate, Ultimate Divas Quiz 30 questions. 30 minutes. Are you man enough to pass this exam? If not, are you at least man enough to admit that you're not much of a man? Begin now. 102 Win Sexy Diva Photos: As if this issue weren't enough, we're giving away Diva-autographed snapshots taken during this special issue's various photoshoots. Flip to the back of the book for entry rules. One lucky bastard wins 'em all.

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