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This event was dedicated to Hercules Ayala.


July 15, 2011

# Results Stipulations Times
1 El Invader #1 and El Sensacional Carlitos defeated "The Precious One" Gilbert and Chicky Starr Tag team match n/a
2 Carlito and Eddle Colon defeated Abyss and El Bufalo Bison Tag team match n/a
3 Black Pain defeated MR. Big Single Match n/a
4 Lynx and El Niche (C) defeated Chavo Guerrero and Orlando Colon WWC Tag Team Championship n/a
5 Sarita defeated Black Rose Single Match n/a
6 Joe Bravo and Noriega defeated BJ and Shane The Glamour Boy Tag Team Match n/a
7 Madman Manson defeated MR. X Single Match n/a
8 Rikochet defeated "Mr. San Juan" Tommy Diablo (C) WWC Junior Heavyweight Championship n/a
9 AJ Castillo and El Cuervo defeated Chris Joel and Steve Joel Tag team Match n/a

July 16, 2011

# Results Stipulations Times
1 El Invader #1 vs "The Precious One" Gilbert went to a no-contest Single match n/a
2 Carlito (C) defeated Abyss WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship n/a
3 Thunder & Lightning (as IWA members) vs Lynx & El Niche (C) went to a no-contest. After the match ended Savio Vega along with several IWA roster stars and Thunder & Lightning attacked the champions Lynx & El Niche WWC Tag Team Championship with Two Referees n/a
4 Chavo Guerrero defeated El Sensacional Carlitos (C) and Orlando Colon Triple Threat Match for the Caribbean championship n/a
5 Shane The Glamour Boy defeated Noriega Hair vs. hair match n/a
6 Black Rose defeated Sarita Single Match n/a
7 Mad Man Manson won the Championship Scramble Money In The Bank type elimination match where the winner could challenge any champion for their belt. n/a
8 Joe Bravo defeated BJ Single Match n/a
9 Mr. Big defeated Black Pain Single Match n/a

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