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This event was dedicated to Jose Rivera, Sr.


  • Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana (w/ Fantasy) defeated Hannibal & Jason X (w/ Jose Estrada) by DQ (12:17)
  • La Bella Carmen & Lady Demonique defeated Black Rose & Genesis (9:36)
  • Abbad vs. Orlando Jordan ended in a Double Count Out (12:37)
  • The Starr Corporation (Chris Joel & Huracan Castillo) defeated Rico Suave & Tim Arson (c) to win the WWC Tag Team Championship (17:43)
  • Fire Blaze defeated Alex Montalvo in an If Fire Blaze Wins He Gets Five Minutes In The Ring With Victor Jovica Match (9:56)
  • Fire Blaze defeated Victor Jovica by DQ (3:23)
  • El Bronco (w/ La Bella Carmen) defeated Eddie Colon (w/ Black Rose) by DQ (10:23)
  • Carlito Caribbean Cool defeated X-Pac (w/ Barrabas & Victor Jovica) (12:39)

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