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# Results Stipulations Times
1 Rico Suave and Atletico beat Joe Don Smith and Gran Artache Tag team match n/a
2 El Bronco beat Invader III Singles match n/a
3 Tony Atlas beat Dutch Mantel Singles match n/a
4 Eddie Colón beat Jose Rivera, Jr. via DQ Singles match n/a
5 Invader I and Titan went to a double-DQ Singles match n/a
6 Octagoncito beat Pierrothtito Singles match n/a
7 Barry and Kendall Windham beat Public Enemy Tag team match n/a
8 Carlos Colón beat One Man Gang Steel cage match n/a
9 Carly Colón beat Rey Gonzales WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship match n/a
10 Abdullah the Butcher beat Big Dick Dudley Singles match n/a
11 Thunder and Lightning beat The Pitbulls Tag team match n/a

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