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WEW Hardcore Booty Battle is a pay-per-view by Women's Extreme Wrestling.


WEW World Tag Team Championship tournament bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
   Cristol & Davey Mae Pin  
 Dawn Mae & Crystal CarMicheal  
   Dawn Mae & Crystal CarMichael Pin  
   Angel Williams & Traci Brooks  
 Angel Williams & Traci Brooks Pin
   ODB and Christie Ricci  
     Angel Williams & Traci Brooks Pin
   Angel Orsini & Simply Luscious
   Mercedes & Shelly Martinez Pin  
 Persephone & Vanessa Harding  
   Mercedes & Shelly Martinez Pin
   Angel Orsini & Simply Luscious  
 Tara & Candie Pin
   Angel Orsini & Simply Luscious  

Other On Air Talent


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