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The WCW Hardcore Championship was a professional wrestling title competed for in World Championship Wrestling under hardcore rules. This is a list, by ring name, of people that have held the WCW Hardcore Championship.


# Wrestler Reigns Date Days held Location Event Notes

Smiley, NormanNorman Smiley


01999-11-21November 21, 1999

51 Toronto, Ontario Mayhem (1999) Defeated Brian Knobbs in the finals of a tournament to crown the first champion.

Knobbs, BrianBrian Knobbs


02000-01-12January 12, 2000

27 Erie, PA Thunder This title change aired on tape delay

Bigelow, Bam BamBam Bam Bigelow


02000-02-07February 7, 2000

13 Tulsa, OK Nitro

Knobbs, BrianBrian Knobbs


02000-02-20February 20, 2000

8 San Francisco, CA SuperBrawl (2000)

Helms, ShaneShane Helms

, Evan Karagias, and Shannon Moore


02000-02-28February 28, 2000

20 Minneapolis, MN Nitro Helms, Karagias, and Moore, known as the 3 Count stable, defeated Knobbs simultaneously in a match, and as a result, WCW allowed the freebird rule in which all three wrestlers were able to defend the title.

Knobbs, BrianBrian Knobbs


02000-03-19March 19, 2000

22 Miami, FL Uncensored (2000)

Vacated - 02000-04-10April 10, 2000

- Denver, CO N/A WCW Presidents Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff vacated every WCW championship during WCW's reboot.

Funk, TerryTerry Funk


02000-04-16April 16, 2000

50 Chicago, IL Spring Stampede (2000) Defeated Norman Smiley to win the vacant title.
8 Bischoff, EricEric Bischoff


02000-06-05June 5, 2000

1 Atlanta, GA Nitro
9 Vito LoGrasso and Johnny the Bull 1

02000-06-06June 6, 2000

0 Knoxville, TN Thunder WCW President Eric Bischoff awarded Vito and Johnny the title, and he announced that the freebird rule was in effect for this title reign, allowing both wrestlers to defend the title. This title reign aired on tape delay.
10 Vito, BigBig Vito


02000-06-06June 6, 2000

48 Billings, MT Thunder WCW named Vito the sole champion.
11 Lance Storm 1

02000-07-24July 24, 2000

21 Cleveland, OH Nitro Storm renames championship "Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title" shortly after winning it.
12 Ouellet, CarlCarl Ouellet


02000-08-14August 14, 2000

0 Kelowna, British Columbia Nitro Storm awarded Ouellet the title.
13 Smiley, NormanNorman Smiley


02000-08-14August 14, 2000

42 Kelowna, British Columbia Nitro

Vacated - 02000-09-25September 25, 2000

- Uniondale, NY Nitro The title was vacated by WCW Commissioner Mike Sanders.
14 Reno


02000-10-02October 2, 2000

37 San Francisco, CA Nitro Sgt. AWOL originally defeated Reno to win the title in a tournament final. However, Mike Sanders reversed the decision and awarded Reno the title.
15 Crowbar


02000-11-08November 8, 2000

39 Chicago, IL Thunder This title change aired on tape delay
16 Funk, TerryTerry Funk


02000-12-17December 17, 2000

28 Washington, D.C. Starrcade (2000)
17 Meng


02001-01-14January 14, 2001

7 Indianapolis, IN Sin

Deactivated 1

02001-01-21January 21, 2001

- - N/A Meng left WCW for WWF a week after winning the title to compete as Haku in the Royal Rumble and the title was abandoned.

List of combined reigns

Rank Wrestler No. of reigns Combined days
1Norman Smiley293
2Terry Funk278
3Brian Knobbs357
4Big Vito248
7Lance Storm121
8Evan Karagias120
8Shane Helms120
8Shannon Moore120
11Bam Bam Bigelow113
11Johnny the Bull113
14Eric Bischoff11
15Carl Ouellet1<1

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