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The WCWA Light Heavyweight Championship was a title in World Class Championship Wrestling after it became the "World Class Wrestling Association" for the lighter wrestlers. It existed from 1987 until 1989.

Title history

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Place: Notes:
Eric Embry 1 September 13, 1987 South Africa Defeated Peter Vander Graling
Shaun Simpson 1 November 25, 1987 Dallas, TX
Eric Embry 2 December 25, 1987 Dallas, TX
Jeff Jarrett 1 October 15, 1988 Dallas, TX
Eric Embry 3 November 11, 1988 Dallas, TX
Jeff Jarrett 2 November 24, 1988 Jackson, TN
Eric Embry 4 December 13, 1988 Chicago, IL part of SuperClash III
Cactus Jack 1 December 30, 1988 Dallas, TX
Eric Embry 5 January 4, 1989 Dallas, TX
Title Retired May 1989 Embry won Texas Title and title abandoned

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