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George A. Pecoraro (December 28, 1989) better known as his ring name "The Ring Leader" Von Lockheart, is an American professional wrestler, currently wrestling in the United States.


Vegas Championship Wrestling (2010)

Before Lockheart had a chance to debut, VCW got shut down 6 months after Lockheart had begun training.

Future Stars of Wrestling (2010-Present)

Lockheart began training in F.S.W. on November 18, 2010. Lockheart debuted December 11, 2010 at Seasons Beating in a battle royal. Lockheart eliminated himself while moonsaulting onto two other men who were already eliminated. The same night, Lockheart teamed up with Eclipse in a 4-way tag team elimination match.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Cradle Hammerlock DDT
  • 720 DDT
  • Asian Mist
  • Springboard Moonsault
  • Booty Punch
  • Blazing Arrow
  • Nicknames
  • "The Ring Leader"
  • "Odd Ball"
  • Themes
  • "The Greatest Show Unearthed" by Creature Feature

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