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Event history

List of Vicious Outcast Wrestling events


No. Title Location Date
1 VOW December Dawning Connellsville, Pennsylvania December 1, 2012


No. Title Location Date
2 VOW March Malice Uniontown, Pennsylvania March 1, 2013
3 VOW A Night Of Mayhem Jeannette, Pennsylvania May 8, 2013
4 VOW June Judgement Brownsville, Pennsylvania June 2, 2013
5 VOW Steel City Chaos Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 7, 2013
6 VOW October Onslaught Connellsville, Pennsylvania October 5, 2013
7 VOW One Year Anniversary Connellsville, Pennsylvania November 30, 2013


No. Title Location Date
8 VOW February Freeze Connellsville, Pennsylvania February 1, 2014
9 VOW April Assault Connellsville, Pennsylvania April 5, 2014
10 VOW Vixens Mayhem Jeanette, Pennsylvania May 3, 2014
11 VOW June Judgement II Connellsville, Pennsylvania June 7, 2014
12 VOW August Annihilation Connellsville, Pennsylvania August 2, 2014
13 VOW October Onslaught II Connellsville, Pennsylvania October 4, 2014
14 VOW December Dawning II Connellsville, Pennsylvania December 5, 2014

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Vicious Outcast Wrestling events
December Dawning
March MaliceA Night Of MayhemJune JudgementSteel City ChaosOctober OnslaughtOne Year Anniversary
February FreezeApril AssaultVixems MayhemJune Judgement IIAugust AnnihilationOctober Onslaught IIThe Natural Cup 2014Two Year Anniversary

January JackpotRoyal Rumble PartyFebruary FreezeMarch MaliceWest Virginia WarfareApril AssaultMayhemJune Judgment IIIJuly JusticeAugust AnnihilationSeptember SinOctober OnslaughtNatural CupThree Year Anniversary

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