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Reflexion was a professional wrestling event held by Vendetta Pro Wrestling on March 12, 2011 at the Lakeview Jr. High School Gymnasium in Santa Maria, California. This was Vendetta Pro's first event of 2011, and had the largest live attendance of any Vendetta Pro event until Melee 2012, which took place at the same venue.

Following this event, the tag-team of Greg Hernandez and Jesse Jimenez, Dos Perfectos, would go undefeated until May 11, 2012 at Melee 2012, losing to the same team of Sunami and Kadin Anthony, SU/KA, in the same venue. The match between these two teams at Reflexion has been nominated for 2011 Match of the Year (Jan-Jun).


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Joey kAos vs Rik Luxury13:18

Joey kAos vs Rik Luxury

Joey kAos vs. Rik Luxury - Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship (Filmed by a fan)

SU KA vs13:11

SU KA vs. Dos Perfectos

SU/KA vs. Dos Perfectos from "Reflexion" (Flimed by Victor Luna).

ThunderKitty & Shannon Ballard vs Buggy & Omega21:53

ThunderKitty & Shannon Ballard vs Buggy & Omega

InterGender Tag-Team Match from Reflexion (Filmed by a Fan)

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