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Video gallery

The following is a collection of video clips of Vendetta Pro - Melee 2011.

Video gallery

Vendetta Pro Wrestling - Randy02:38

Vendetta Pro Wrestling - Randy

Randy Savage tribute video. Produced by Christopher "TAK" Clark

Disco Machine vs11:41

Disco Machine vs. OMEGA from "Melee 2011"

Disco Machine vs. OMEGA from "Melee 2011"

Melee 2011 Tri-Force Match16:12

Melee 2011 Tri-Force Match

Tri-Force Match: "The Heatseeker" Eric Cross vs. J.T. Stahr vs. "Big Nasty" Jason Watts

Intergender 6-person Melee 201120:45

Intergender 6-person Melee 2011

Inter-Gender Six-Person Tag match from "Melee 2011"

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