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Melee 2011 was a professional wrestling event held by Vendetta Pro Wrestling on June 4, 2011 at The Graduate in San Luis Obispo, California. The event was the second Vendetta Pro event broadcast live on, presented by SCR Productions.

This event featured the return to Vendetta Pro of "Big Nasty" Jason Watts, who had just recently performed as a contestant on WWE Tough Enough.

The event began with a tribute video to Randy "Macho Man" Savage, who had just recently passed. This video was shown on the venue's many screens. Also during the event, Mario Banks performed as "Macho Man" Mario Banks in tribute.


  • Jefferson T. Stahr defeated Eric Cross & Jason Watts **In a one-fall Tri-Force Match. Watts hit a Chokeslam on Cross, but was distracted by Billy Blade on the outside, allowing Jefferson T. Stahr to steal the victory.
  • Nathan Graves defeated Brad Tyler
    • Tyler filled in for Ricky Ruffin, who had suffered an injury and was not medically cleared. This did not stop him from running in to save Tyler after the match when Graves continued the assault.
  • Mario Banks defeated Billy Blade
    • Mario Banks used a "Macho Man" gimmick in tribute to Randy Savage. During the match, Jason Watts came out, which distracted Blade while he was attempting a Superplex. This allowed Banks to throw Blade off, then hit him with the Flying Elbowdrop. Afterwards, Watts confronted Blade, and then a brawl broke out which caused security to come in and break things up. Commissioner Christian Cole made a match between the two for the next event.

Other Talent

Ring announcer
Broadcast Commentators
Cage Dancer
  • Mary Jane

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