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The VOW Vixen's Championship is the primary Championship for the Vixens Division in Vicious Outcast Wrestling.


Champion: Date Won: Date Lost: Days Held: Notes:   
Jessie Kaye 6/2/2013 2/1/2014 244 days Won in a Gauntlet Match to determine first champion
Samantha Starr 2/1/2014 6/7/2014 126 days Defeated Jessie Kaye
Mandy Leon 6/7/2014 10/4/2014 119 days Defeated Smantha Starr
VACANT --- ---- --- Mandy Leon vacated title after due to injures
Marti Belle 10/4/2014 11/2/2014 29 days Defeated Madisynn
Madisynn 11/2/2014 12/5/2014 33 days Defeated Marti Belle
Samantha Starr (2) 12/5/2014 Present 1 day Defeated Madisynn

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