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The VOW Hyper Sonic Division Championship, sometimes simply known as The Hyper Sonic Championship, is a secondary title defended in Vicious Outcast Wrestling.


Champion: Date Won: Date Lost: Days Held: Notes:      
Facade 6/2/2013 4/5/2014 276 days Won tournament to determine first champion
Chris LeRusso 4/5/2014 6/7/2014 63 days Defeated Facade and Tim Donst in a Triple Threat Match
Tim Donst 6/7/2014 8/2/2014 56 days Defeated Chris LeRusso
Shane Strickland 8/2/2014 12/5/2014 125 days Defeated Tim Donst
G-Raver 12/5/2014 Present 1 day Defeated Shane Strickland

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