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The VOW Anarchy Championship is a seconday title defended in Vicious Outcast Wrestling. Usually defended in hardcore style matches, the belt has a 24/7 rule added, allowing the championship to change hands as long as a referee is there to count the pinfall.

Champion history

Wrestler: Date Won: Date Lost: Days Held: Download
Super Beast 2/1/2014 5/2/2014 90 days Won the Lottery Match to become the first champion
Patrick Hayes 5/2/2014 6/7/2014 36 days Defeated Super Beast
Matt Tremont 6/7/2014 9/6/2014 91 days Defeated Patrick Hayes and Super Beast
Patrick Hayes (2) 9/6/2014 9/6/2014 2 minutes Defeated Matt Tremont
Matt Tremont (2) 9/6/2014 12/5/2014 91 days Defeated Patrick Hayes by enforcing the 24/7 rule
Steven Strick 12/5/2014 Present 1 day Defeated Patrick Hayes and Matt Tremont in a Fans Bring The Weapons match.

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