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Rachel Marie Foxx
Pic Base Sophia Bush
Alias Ms. Foxx,
Height 5'2"
Weight 115lbs
Birthplace Costa Mesa, California
Birthday March 13, 1987
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Theme Song "Chain Me Free" by The Matches
Alignment Tweener
Wrestling Debut 2003
Foxx Management Agecy Clients Daniel Ackart, Seth Valentine
Stable Bad Company (w\ Daniel Ackart)

Rachel began her career in the wrestling world in mid-2002. She was hired by her older sisters Julie and Trista to manage every aspect of their careers as they rose to greatness, and made Foxx a household name. She handled all the finances, wrote storylines, booked training session, and coordinated all media events, autograph sessions, and public appearances for her older sisters. She made sure that every aspect of the Foxx Empire ran smoothly, but no one knew who she was.

In the beginning of 2003, Julie asked Rachel if she wanted to join her sisters in the ring. Rachel declined the offer, but her sisters refused to let up. In mid-2003, Trista and Julie left WWA for the greener pastures of SCW, and they decided that it was time for Rachel to come out from behind the scenes. They began training,

The Princess of Darkness


Rachel Foxx and Paris Dannon


Move List


  • Pandora's Foxx
    • Description: Half Nelson Face Buster.
  • The Foxxsult
    • Description: Shooting Star Press.

Signature Moves

  • Foxx Girl Stunner
    • Description: Stone Cold Stunner.
  • The Foxx Cutter
    • Description: Diamond Cutter.

Common Moves

  • Bronco Buster
  • Top Rope DDT
  • Moonsault
  • Senton
  • German Suplex
  • Running Bulldog
  • Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Top Rope Hurricanrana
  • Swan Dive Misslekick
  • La Quedabra.


The lights in the arena turn blue as the the brief guitar crescendo intro of "Chain Me Free" by The Matches plays over the loud speakers. As the wail of the guitar and the crash of the cymbals hit their climax a wall of blue pyros shoot up infront of the entrance.

"Chain me ooooh free, Lose the ooooh key, Right now"

After a few moments, Rachel Foxx Jumps out the wall of blue sparks, and takes a few moments to get the crowd fired up before skipping down the ramp. The dark haired tempress takes time to shake hands, sign a couple of autographs, and even give a few hugs to the fans as she makes her way to the ring. After taking some time to please the fans, she slowly climbs the ringsteps, slides her hand along the ring rope, blows a kiss to the fans, and enters the ring.

4 year Hiatus


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